CardioComm Solutions for Physicians

GEMS: Ambulatory ECG Monitoring Solutions

CardioComm offers cardiac monitoring solutions using our FDA cleared and Health Canada approved Global ECG Management Solutions (GEMS™) software.

Event Monitoring

GEMS™ (Global ECG Management System) is a comprehensive software solution for cardiac event monitoring. GEMS™ can easily be installed on desktop computers, LANs and  cloud-based servers. GEMS™ can manage track and store comprehensive patient information including enrollments, symptoms, medications, diagnoses, inventory, devices, follow-ups, schedules and a multitude of reporting options for a variety of patient follow-ups and tests.

The GEMS™ system is an efficient, comprehensive and fully customizable solution for all of your clinic’s event monitoring

✓ Flexible

  • Supports a number of ECG monitors and acquisition devices.
  • Customizable workflows and reports
  • Fully scalable (small clinic to large hospital solutions)

✓ Powerful

  • On-screen caliper & beat caliper measurements
  • Real-time ECG viewer
  • AI-powered arrythmia detection through GEMS™ Rythm
  • Speed, gain and frequency filters
  • Variable sample labels and lengths

✓ Convenient

  • Input technician and physician interpretations
  • 24/7 support

✓ Secure

  • ISO 27001 compliant
  • Reports can be posted to secure websites

Learn how your clinic can benefit from the increased efficiency and ease only the GEMS™ complete ECG Management System can provide.


GEMS™ Sirona

Sirona is an advanced, FDA-cleared wireless monitoring device with 4-in-1 capabilities including MCT, Holter, Extended Holter, and Wireless Event. Sirona records ECG continuously and transmits to our GEMS™ software, for studies of up to 30 days.

Trident Pro 40L

Three channels of ECG data and 8G of internal memory with an advanced detection algorithm offers a versatile solution to capture, store, and transmit every beat during Holter, Extended Holter, Event, and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry studies for up to 30 days.”

Long-term Continuous Monitoring (LTCM) (Coming Soon) – Holter / Event

GEMS™ will soon support full feature 24-72 hour Holter, and extended 14-30 day Holter Event monitoring and reporting. The new release will be sold under the GEMS™ LTCM brand and the solution will work with your existing Holter monitors, as well as, devices from our partner hardware manufacturers of the Sirona and the Trident devices.

GEMS™ LTCM solution will provide clinics with a device-agnostic solution that will offer continuous ECG monitoring with real-time detection and transmission of abnormal rhythms to support all long-term ECG monitoring billing codes for reimbursement in Canada and the US.

12 Lead ECG Monitoring

The GlobalCardio™ 12 lead (GC 12) is a remote, web-enabled ECG device that is fully EMR compatible. This allows a 12 lead ECG to be recorded from any location and for physicians to view those ECGs remotely from any computer, providing maximum flexibility. Features include:

  • Cloud-based and WEB-Enabled
  • Auto Interpretation
  • Call center ECG reading services
  • ECG Review & Editing Tools
  • ECG Reporting
  • 3 Year Replacement Warranty
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Cost Effective

Extended Home ECG Monitoring using HeartCheck™!

The HeartCheck™ CardiBeat™ allows patients to conduct ongoing ECG monitoring, anywhere and at anytime.  The small Health Canada approved, and FDA cleared medical device can capture a wide range of arrhythmias such as tachycardia, bradycardia, ventricular premature beats (VPBs), pauses, and atrial fibrillation.
The CardiBeat is available by prescription or over the counter and is easy to use. ECGs can be stored or printed for in-office review or screened within 30 minutes using the ECG reading service.

Learn how the CardiBeat can expand ECG remote patient monitoring within your practice.

Why Recommend a HeartCheck™ ECG Monitor?

For Clinicians

  • Improve diagnosis of intermittent arrythmias.
  • Expand patient monitoring without increasing clinic workload.
  • Automated collection of ECGs through your existing workflow.
  • Optional ECG review service available.
  • Actionable data and automated reporting.
  • Revenue Generation – reimbursable

For Pharmacists

  • Offer your customer ECG screening & monitoring from inside your pharmacy.
    Using the HeartCheck™ ECG device; an innovative new product licensed by Health Canada for non-prescription use, your customers can now take ECG recordings from inside your pharmacy in only 30 seconds.
  • Actionable data and available reading service
    The recording is saved within the device and can be printed or transmitted to a 24/7 smart ECG monitoring service where; a physician interpreted ECG analysis report is provided to your customers within the hour.

Which Patients Should Use a HeartCheck™ Personal ECG Monitor?

The HeartCheck™ ECG device can be used to assist in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with cardiac arrythmias.

  1. Heart failure patients
    Are at risk for arrhythmias as well as cardiac dys-synchrony and therefore sudden cardiac death.
  2. Hypertensive patients or anyone over 65 years of age
    Are at the highest risk for atrial fibrillation and therefore are at a 5 times greater risk for having a stroke.
  3. Patients with a recent cardiac event or procedure
    Patients with an event or procedure within the past 6 months as they are at risk for arrhythmias such as AF.
  4. Patients at risk of prolonged QT interval
    Some medications may cause prolonged QT interval placing patients at risk for sudden cardiac death.
  5. Patients with symptoms of arrhythmia
    These may include patients feeling dizzy/light-headed, having irregular, rapid, slow, or changing heart rates.

Top 10 Reasons to Recommend a Mobile ECG Device

Patient-centric Monitoring

Personal ECG devices allow for scheduled or symptom-based monitoring of a patient’s heart activity over an extended period. This provides more comprehensive monitoring compared to a single, in-office ECG, which may only capture a snapshot of a patient’s heart health.


Early Detection of Heart Issues

By regularly monitoring for cardiac rhythms at home, patients can potentially detect issues earlier and lead to prompt intervention and better outcomes.


Management of Arrythmias

Patients can use personal ECG devices to monitor their arrhythmias when they experience symptoms like palpitations, dizziness, or chest pain. This data can help physicians make a more accurate diagnosis and help patients to better manage their lifestyle.

Tracking Treatment Efficacy

For patients with preexisting heart conditions or those undergoing heart-related treatments, personal ECG devices can help track the effectiveness of medications or interventions over time.

Remote Monitoring

Physicians can easily monitor their patients remotely, especially for patients with chronic heart conditions and post-hospital discharge for cardiac procedures.


Reduced Clinic and Hospital Visits

Long-term home monitoring with a personal ECG device can reduce the need for frequent hospital or clinic visits. This is particularly beneficial for patients who have mobility issues or live in remote areas.

Patient Empowerment

Personal ECG devices empower patients to take an active role in their own healthcare. By recording and tracking their heart data, patients can become more engaged in managing their heart health.

Personalized Treatment Plans

The data from a personal ECG device can help physicians tailor treatment plans to individual patients, ensuring that their care is more personalized and effective.

Research and Data Collection

Personal ECG devices can be used as part of research studies or clinical trials to gather valuable data for advancing cardiac care and treatments.

Frank P.

After a month or two with the heart check pen, I wanted to give you my feedback on the product: My heart recovery is going well so far thank God. The pen is giving me comfort knowing that I can check my heart rhythm anytime I want. Overall, I think this is a good...

Sean C.

I have purchased the HeartCheck Pen to help with my exercise program. I have found the device very useful in monitoring my performance when I bring my heart to its maximum beats per minute. It is an excellent tool in monitoring heart performance during training...

J Pyskaty

It does make me feel secure knowing I can check for AFIB if I think something is wrong. When you have chronic problems like pain it is extremely difficult to accept that other things are not also going bad and having a way to quickly reality check is wonderful. J....

Karen S.

"In the last two weeks, we have purchased the HeartCheck PEN and the HeartCheck ECG Monitor. Initially, we had problems with the HeartCheck devices, which were resolved quickly and efficiently by the CardioComm Solutions customer support staff. We were only able to...

Tom V.

My Doctor recommended that I buy and iPhone and the device that goes with it. I told him that I had a new Windows 8 phone and that I did not care for Apple products. I told him that I would "check around." I bought your product from Amazon after talking with someone...

Don T.

The HeartCheck PEN has clear readings and can capture my arrhythmia events. My events last a couple of minutes and so there is not enough time to get to the hospital and have my ECG taken. The physician needs an ECG the moment of the event to identify what kind of...

Don H.

Three years after aortic valve replacement and three coronary artery bypass grafts, I began experiencing TIA's. A cardiologist out fitted me with an event monitor for 7 days; I was required to turn on the event monitor when or immediately after having an "event". The...

Andrea S.

I had not been in A-Fib in over a couple of years but last week I was exercising and felt myself go into A-Fib. I took my 'pill in the pocket' treatment and a few hours later went back into normal sinus rhythm. I was so grateful to be able to monitor myself with the...

Mr. V.

It is hard to believe that I have had the device since 2013..... I use the Heart Check Pen because my doctor wants to be sure that I let him know if I go back in to AFib. Since I have never detected AFib on my own (no specific feeling or physical discomfort) I rely on...

Bill K.

I bought a HeartCheck ECG monitor in July 2013 and it came with a small disc with 'Heart Check' Version 2.0 software which I tried loading and it didn't work correctly. It wouldn't connect with the monitor. I then downloaded the "GEMS Home" software from the...

Mobile ECG Device

Receive accurate electrocardiogram (‘ECG’ or ‘EKG’) readings in as few as 30 seconds that can then be sent instantly for review. Health Canada approved and FDA cleared medical device.

Mobile ECG Software

For more than two decades, GEMS™ software has been revolutionizing mobile cardiac monitoring systems for diagnosis and management of cardiac patients outside of the hospital. Free on Apple and Android!

Physician Review

Choose to have your heart rhythm analyzed and interpreted at any time, from anywhere. Rapid. Affordable. Physician Recommended.

Redefining Multiple Bio-sign Monitoring

CardioComm is creating the next stage of remote patient monitoring that captures multiple bio-signs from medical devices, watches, rings and patches.

Body-by-GEMS provides a central hub for the display and analysis of bio-signs from multiple devices, sensors, wearables, and smart products.

Body-By-GEMS Multiple Bio-sign Platform

The future of remote patient monitoring will be driven by the ability of physicians to monitor multiple bio-signs, such as temperature, ECG, heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation, from any location.
Body-by-GEMS is a multiple medical bio-sign monitoring platform that supports remote patient monitoring and telemedicine needs, including the use of monitoring devices such as smart watches, patches, smart garments, and smart rings. Our software will work with our expanding range of HeartCheck™ remote patient monitoring devices, as well as those from other third-party technology partners.
With Body-by-GEMS, patients can receive the benefit of continuous, accurate, vital signs monitoring regardless of location, allowing better care and lowering costs to the health care system.
Physicians can expand their continuity of care for any number of patients through the Body-by GEMS physician dashboard.

Bio-sign Devices

HeartCheck™ Prime (Coming Soon)

HeartCheck™ Prime Plus (Coming Soon)

Smartwatch (Coming Soon)