After a month or two with the heart check pen, I wanted to give you my feedback on the product: My heart recovery is going well so far thank God. The pen is giving me comfort knowing that I can check my heart rhythm anytime I want. Overall, I think this is a good product. Here are my comments.

  • Very handy and travel friendly.
  • Works best well when using the chest orientation method.
  • Works moderately well using the hands method. The right pressure must be applied.
  • The software is very easy to use.
  • When the pen reads properly, the heart rate is very accurate.
  • The appearance of the unit is professional looking

My cardiologist likes the product because it will give good Heart Rhythm readings. In fact, he will be recommending it to several of his patients. He has patients that are very anxious about their heart rhythms and believes that this will give them some peace of mind.

Frank P.
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada