HeartCheck™ CardiBeat – Mobile ECG Device

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Receive accurate electrocardiogram (‘ECG’ or ‘EKG’) readings in as few as 30 seconds that can then be sent instantly to a physician for review.

Health Canada approved and FDA cleared, the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat ECG monitor is a medical, handheld device that’s easy to use for consumers and available for purchase over the counter.

For use with Android or iOS smart device running the GEMS™ Mobile ECG app available free on Google Play or the App Store.

Buy this ECG monitoring device for medical-grade heart rate readings at home or on the go.

Get a Grip on Stroke and Heart Disease

 Monitor For Arrhythmias Anywhere

 Web Access to a Qualified Physician

 No Prescription Required

This pocket-sized device allows you to take heart readings from anywhere, the moment symptoms appear. The HeartCheck™ ECG device is the only device of its kind cleared by the FDA for consumer use.


Frank P.

After a month or two with the heart check pen, I wanted to give you my feedback on the product: My heart recovery is going well so far thank God. The pen is giving me comfort knowing that I can check my heart rhythm anytime I want. Overall, I think this is a good...

Sean C.

I have purchased the HeartCheck Pen to help with my exercise program. I have found the device very useful in monitoring my performance when I bring my heart to its maximum beats per minute. It is an excellent tool in monitoring heart performance during training...

J Pyskaty

It does make me feel secure knowing I can check for AFIB if I think something is wrong. When you have chronic problems like pain it is extremely difficult to accept that other things are not also going bad and having a way to quickly reality check is wonderful. J....

Karen S.

"In the last two weeks, we have purchased the HeartCheck PEN and the HeartCheck ECG Monitor. Initially, we had problems with the HeartCheck devices, which were resolved quickly and efficiently by the CardioComm Solutions customer support staff. We were only able to...

Tom V.

My Doctor recommended that I buy and iPhone and the device that goes with it. I told him that I had a new Windows 8 phone and that I did not care for Apple products. I told him that I would "check around." I bought your product from Amazon after talking with someone...

Don T.

The HeartCheck PEN has clear readings and can capture my arrhythmia events. My events last a couple of minutes and so there is not enough time to get to the hospital and have my ECG taken. The physician needs an ECG the moment of the event to identify what kind of...

Don H.

Three years after aortic valve replacement and three coronary artery bypass grafts, I began experiencing TIA's. A cardiologist out fitted me with an event monitor for 7 days; I was required to turn on the event monitor when or immediately after having an "event". The...

Andrea S.

I had not been in A-Fib in over a couple of years but last week I was exercising and felt myself go into A-Fib. I took my 'pill in the pocket' treatment and a few hours later went back into normal sinus rhythm. I was so grateful to be able to monitor myself with the...

Mr. V.

It is hard to believe that I have had the device since 2013..... I use the Heart Check Pen because my doctor wants to be sure that I let him know if I go back in to AFib. Since I have never detected AFib on my own (no specific feeling or physical discomfort) I rely on...

Bill K.

I bought a HeartCheck ECG monitor in July 2013 and it came with a small disc with 'Heart Check' Version 2.0 software which I tried loading and it didn't work correctly. It wouldn't connect with the monitor. I then downloaded the "GEMS Home" software from the...

This small handheld ECG monitor is available over the counter, without a physician prescription, and can be used to capture a wide range of arrhythmias such as tachycardia, bradycardia, ventricular premature beats (VPBs), pauses and atrial fibrilliation (Afib or AF).

Simply connect to a smart device with the GEMS™ Mobile ECG App via Bluetooth to take ECG recordings. Place your fingers on the sensors and watch your ECG recording on your Smartphone. Recorded ECGs can be transmitted to a physician, clinic or the SMART monitoring ECG reading service. You can also generate your own ECG record in PDF format to show to your physician.

Available over the counter (OTC), the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat allows users to record a medical grade 30-second single lead ECG. Coupled with the GEMS™ Mobile ECG App, a user can save up to a five minute recording from the device. You can enter specific symptom, activity and diary entry information related to the recording and then send for a review by a physician, clinic or the SMART monitoring ECG reading service.

CardiBeat Product Advantages

  • Capture Lead I or II heart rhythm recordings
  • Connect to a smart device with the GEMS™ Mobile App via Bluetooth to import ECG recordings
  • Transmit ECGs to a physician, clinic or the SMART monitoring ECG reading service or generate your own ECG record in PDF format to show to your physician
  • Available over the counter (OTC), the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat allows a user to record a medical grade 30 second single lead ECG
  • Coupled with the GEMS™ Mobile App a user can save up to a five minute recording from the device
  • Specific symptom, activity and diary entry information related to the recording can be entered and sent for a review by a physician, clinic or the SMART monitoring ECG reading service
  • Capable of fitting into multiple clinic and telemedicine workflows, the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat with the GEMS™ Mobile App is an ideal tool for remote patient monitoring in today’s ever expanding telemedicine market

Purchase Includes Physician Reviews!

Purchase includes:

  • HeartCheck™ CardiBeat device
  • USB Charging cable
  • Soft case travel pouch
  • 1 Included Physician Review* - View Physician Report (PDF)
  • 10 Free Triage Reviews (Value $19.90 USD)

Data can be downloaded and printed, or sent to a physician, clinic, or ECG coordinating centre*.

Key Features

  • FDA and Health Canada cleared
  • Bluetooth V 4.0, Rechargeable battery
  • Lead I and II ECG
  • Recording Time: 30 to 300 seconds
  • Size: 87 mm (L) * 49 mm (w) * 7 mm (H)
  • Weight: 33g

For use with the GEMS™ Mobile ECG App

Global ECG Management Solutions (or GEMS™) is the core technology at the heart of CardioComms Solutions, as a software for the diagnosis and management of cardiac patients outside of the hospital. GEMS™ has been at the forefront of revolutionizing mobile and remote cardiac monitoring systems in medical and consumer markets for more than two decades. 

Free on Apple and Android!

Instructions for HeartCheck CardiBeat Mobile ECG

How to Use CardiBeat

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  • 1. If I try the device and am not satisfied with it what is the return policy?

    CardioComm Solutions, Inc., does not accept returns of products except as noted by the product warranty. Please refer to your specific product warranty and contact our support department for further assistance. In general, warranty repairs and replacements are for defective product only.

  • 2. I have received a discount offer but when I try to order online I see a higher price, what's going on?

    After you enter your contact information/address and click through to the next screen you will see Discounts at the top of the page. Enter your coupon code into this field, click apply and the discount will be applied to your order.

  • 3. How do I access the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat user manual and quick start guide?

    You can download the user manual and quick start guides for this device in English or French.


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  • 4. Does the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat have a service policy?

    Yes! You can download our service policy in French or English below.


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  • 5. Where is the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat warranty information?

    You can access warranty info by navigating to our warranty page.

    From there, you can register by mail or online via the web form.