Three years after aortic valve replacement and three coronary artery bypass grafts, I began experiencing TIA’s. A cardiologist out fitted me with an event monitor for 7 days; I was required to turn on the event monitor when or immediately after having an “event”. The monitor, which I wore around the neck had two wires attached to two stick on pads, only recorded for 15 seconds and only had a 2 event and a 30 second memory capacity. After two event recordings the device had to be uploaded over the telephone. The results were “inconclusive “.

From a user/patient prospective, the HeartCheck Pen, is convenient, unobtrusive, and handy; the GEMS Home software is a Big Plus, because, unlike other ECG recording devices, the patient has control over the recordings, and can download and print out the same to take to one or more physicians without going through the “referral” process, which enables the patient to get an unbiased “second” opinion.

Your company has an A+ product and service and is something everyone over 65 with heart conditions should have.

Don H.
Sun City West, Arizona