“In the last two weeks, we have purchased the HeartCheck PEN and the HeartCheck ECG Monitor. Initially, we had problems with the HeartCheck devices, which were resolved quickly and efficiently by the CardioComm Solutions customer support staff.

We were only able to upload some of the recordings from the HeartCheck ECG Monitor, but were unable to retrieve and view the reports on the computer. Since last Thursday, I have exchanged numerous e-mails with their staff, who always replied very quickly. After it become apparent that the problem could not be resolved via e-mail, I was encouraged to call to today for personal discussion . Numerous approaches to resolve this issue were attempted and after they had access to our computer via remote connection all of various problems were resolved.

I am extremely pleased with the outstanding service provided by the CardioComm customer support staff which was way above the call of duty. For many years I have had usually good experience with on-line and phone tech support, but theirs was certainly was the best.

I wanted to congratulate you on your excellent staff, which seem to care very much about customer service.

Karen S.
Vancouver, Canada