Leaders in Cardiac Monitoring

CardioComm Solution has been a trusted solutions provider in the ambulatory ECG and remote patient monitoring (RPM) space for more than two decades. In the early days of mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) we worked with leaders like Phillips to develop their own MCT platforms.

Our proprietary Global ECG Management System (GEMS™) software provides the foundation of our cardiac monitoring solutions for the medical and consumer communities.

Our GEMS™ Technology

Our ECG monitoring solutions are centred around our Global ECG Management Solution (GEMS™) and its ability to provide a solid foundation for medical and consumer remote patient monitoring solutions and technologies. As the source code developers, we continuously provide updates and upgrades to keep pace with  changing operating systems, and healthcare privacy requirements. Capabilities include providing customized solutions to meet any workflow and customer needs.

Our technologies can be hosted and accessed on a per use basis or provided as a stand-alone enterprise application. As a device agnostic software platform with the capacity to manage one to 12 leads of data for durations from a few second to up to 30 days, GEMS™ can meet current and emerging cardiac monitoring needs with certainty.

Trailblazing Ahead to New Solutions

Our Toronto-based CardioComm Solutions became the first company to enter into the personalized ECG monitoring market. With a suite of medically credible heart monitoring solutions for the consumer market, CardioComm continues to be a leader in ECG management technologies.

Next, we’re expanding into the sports, health, wellness and telemedicine sectors. Such efforts will facilitate the introduction of new wearable devices such as Smartwatches, chest straps, smart garments and patches that will collect additional monitored bio-signs and multiple ECG leads/channels options (1, 3 and 12 lead). Additionally, we’ll expand the HeartCheck™ brand into other bio-sign monitoring devices compatible with CardioComm’s technologies.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide patients and caregivers with opportunities to consult and collaborate with specialists no matter the location, improving patient care and reducing travel costs.

“We ensure that the software and hardware devices involved in our SaaMD ECG management solutions present a true biological signal.

We show the raw data without the influence of deliberate pre-filtering or algorithmic smoothing—practices used by some manufacturers to reduce file size, make ECG traces look more appealing and to save on data transmission costs. It is within the software itself that filters can be applied as the reviewer chooses.”

– Etienne Grima, CEO, CardioComm

Frank P.

After a month or two with the heart check pen, I wanted to give you my feedback on the product: My heart recovery is going well so far thank God. The pen is giving me comfort knowing that I can check my heart rhythm anytime I want. Overall, I think this is a good...

Sean C.

I have purchased the HeartCheck Pen to help with my exercise program. I have found the device very useful in monitoring my performance when I bring my heart to its maximum beats per minute. It is an excellent tool in monitoring heart performance during training...

J Pyskaty

It does make me feel secure knowing I can check for AFIB if I think something is wrong. When you have chronic problems like pain it is extremely difficult to accept that other things are not also going bad and having a way to quickly reality check is wonderful. J....

Karen S.

"In the last two weeks, we have purchased the HeartCheck PEN and the HeartCheck ECG Monitor. Initially, we had problems with the HeartCheck devices, which were resolved quickly and efficiently by the CardioComm Solutions customer support staff. We were only able to...

Tom V.

My Doctor recommended that I buy and iPhone and the device that goes with it. I told him that I had a new Windows 8 phone and that I did not care for Apple products. I told him that I would "check around." I bought your product from Amazon after talking with someone...

Don T.

The HeartCheck PEN has clear readings and can capture my arrhythmia events. My events last a couple of minutes and so there is not enough time to get to the hospital and have my ECG taken. The physician needs an ECG the moment of the event to identify what kind of...

Don H.

Three years after aortic valve replacement and three coronary artery bypass grafts, I began experiencing TIA's. A cardiologist out fitted me with an event monitor for 7 days; I was required to turn on the event monitor when or immediately after having an "event". The...

Andrea S.

I had not been in A-Fib in over a couple of years but last week I was exercising and felt myself go into A-Fib. I took my 'pill in the pocket' treatment and a few hours later went back into normal sinus rhythm. I was so grateful to be able to monitor myself with the...

Mr. V.

It is hard to believe that I have had the device since 2013..... I use the Heart Check Pen because my doctor wants to be sure that I let him know if I go back in to AFib. Since I have never detected AFib on my own (no specific feeling or physical discomfort) I rely on...

Bill K.

I bought a HeartCheck ECG monitor in July 2013 and it came with a small disc with 'Heart Check' Version 2.0 software which I tried loading and it didn't work correctly. It wouldn't connect with the monitor. I then downloaded the "GEMS Home" software from the...