I bought a HeartCheck ECG monitor in July 2013 and it came with a small disc with ‘Heart Check’ Version 2.0 software which I tried loading and it didn’t work correctly. It wouldn’t connect with the monitor. I then downloaded the “GEMS Home” software from the HeartCheck website it allowed me verify my e-mail and connected with the monitor, however I needed to use an activation code, which I don’t think came with my monitor at the time. The reason was that the connectivity between the HeartCheck ECG monitor and GEMS Home was added to the product after I bought the device. GEMS Home was initially only compatible with the HeartCheck ECG PEN device (no prescription needed).

I contacted CardioComm Solutions and was provided with an authentication code and support. I want to thank to all the support staff at CardioComm Solutions for their quick help in helping me trouble shoot authenticating my HeartCheck ECG Monitor with GEMS Home. They both work great now! You guys are the best and thanks for backing your equipment. Which is something that is harder and harder to find these days; with most companies.

Bill K.
Satellite Beach, Florida