TORONTO, ONTARIO – CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (TSX VENTURE: EKG) (“CardioComm” or the “Company”), a leading global medical provider of consumer heart monitoring and electrocardiogram (“ECG”) acquisition and management software solutions,
a global provider of consumer heart monitoring and electrocardiogram ((“ECG”) device and software solutions,
confirms a technology integration agreement with Utah-based CareXM LLC. (“CareXM”), a provider of virtual
care and patient engagement solutions for healthcare providers. Under the agreement CareXM has integrated
ECG monitoring capabilities through their TouchPointCare telemedicine platform.

CareXM has incorporated CardioComm’s ECG viewer as an embedded technology in their TouchPointCare
platform to enable patients and physician clients to view ECGs while recording and to replay ECGs prior to
being uploaded for ECG reporting. Uploaded recordings will be processed by CardioComm’s SMART
Monitoring ECG service and securely transmitted in near real-time to the CareXM TouchPointCare platform
where ECG reporting and patient care needs will be managed. Under the current deployment, patients will
utilize the HeartCheck™ CardiBeat to collect their ECGs under prescribed patient care protocols. CareXM and
CardioComm are examining the addition of 12 lead, Holter and arrhythmia/event monitoring devices and
expanding the capabilities of the TouchPoinCare platform to offer comprehensive outpatient and ambulatory
ECG monitoring. Sales and marketing of the ECG enabled TouchPointCare platform will be undertaken
exclusively by CareXM. CardioComm will see revenue from the sales of the HeartCheckT CardiBeat ECG
devices as well as from ECG service and triaging fees.

Through the addition of the GEMS™ technology, the TouchPointCare platform will be capable of recognizing
multiple ECG devices with up to 12 leads of ECG recording and provide customers with more options in
choosing a device of their preference. The HeartCheck™ CardiBeat will be the recommended device for selfdirected and prescribed remote arrhythmia monitoring and all recorded ECGs will be passed through
CardioComm’s SMART Monitoring ECG service. The option for ECG triaging services to confirm the presence
or absence of an arrhythmia will be activated for any CareXM clients requesting the service. “We are excited
to advance our partnership with CardioComm,” said Si Luo, CEO of CareXM, “with their advanced capabilities
in heart monitoring and CareXM’s unique services-enabled next-gen RPM platform, we can keep putting home
care patients and their caregivers at the center of our focus by proactively anticipating a variety of care needs.”

CareXM’s patient engagement platform and virtual care offerings, including clinical nurse triage, are used by
home health and hospice providers, physician practices, hospitals, and many other care providers across the
United States. All services are HIPAA-compliant, available 24/7, and can be integrated with providers’ existing
electronic medical record and scheduling platforms. The addition of ECG monitoring technologies into the
remote patient monitoring and health care platform follows CareXM’s 2021 acquisition of TouchPointCare
and CareXM’s partnership in 2020 with private equity firm DW Healthcare Partners.

To learn more about CardioComm’s products and for further updates regarding HeartCheck™ ECG device integrations, please visit the Company’s websites at and