Enhancements include symptom correlation to ECG readings

TORONTO, ONTARIO – CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:EKG) (“CardioComm Solutions” or the “Company”) today confirms it has released a new version of its GEMS Home software which is available to both new purchasers of the HeartCheckTM PEN ECG device as well as a free upgrade to current HeartCheckTM PEN owners.

CardioComm Solutions has long history of licensing its Global ECG Management System software to hospitals and medical call centres. The new GEMS Home release incorporates additional SMART Monitoring features that are similar to those seen with mobile/ambulatory cardiac monitoring (MCT) solutions. Consumers may now provide symptoms and activity entries, in addition to making free text notes and confirming whether they have pre-existing medical conditions. “The interpretation of the ECG rhythm strip is enhanced by knowledge of levels of activity at which it was recorded. Correlation with symptoms provides clinical relevance and diagnostic accuracy. This improvement in GEMS Home recording and reporting capability will be appreciated by the users of the HeartCheckTM service,” said Dr. Anatoly Langer, Chairman of the Company Board of Directors and Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto.

Launched in 2012, the HeartCheckTM PEN ECG device and associated GEMS Home software, remains the only FDA and Health Canada cleared, over-the-counter (OTC) medical monitoring device in North America that is permitted to show a person their own heart electrocardiogram (ECG) without a physician prescription. GEMS Home enables heart rhythm recordings to be moved from the HeartCheckTM PEN to a computer for review. GEMS Home is also the gateway to the Company’s patent-pending SMART Monitoring service which is central to consumers unlocking the HeartCheckTM PEN and seeing their ECG while recording, in playback or within GEMS Home.  With SMART Monitoring, GEMS Home enables the consumer to select whether to send their ECG readings to a physician, or ECG technologist, for interpretation and to receive back an ECG interpretation report an average time of 30 minutes.

“Customers have reported they use the HeartCheckTM PEN and SMART Monitoring service to confirm potential arrhythmias that they have been experiencing and which were missed during prior physician prescribed monitoring attempts. This GEMS Home release provides context which is important for each interpretation that is made. The changes were prompted by both physician reviews of our products as well as user feedback,” said Etienne Grima, Chief Executive Officer of the Company. “As we look to introducing new monitoring devices to our SMART Monitoring service, and work towards multi-language releases of GEMS Home, we will continue to provide new updates to our customers and distributors.”

More information regarding the HeartCheckTM products and SMART monitoring solutions is available at the Company’s web site