TORONTO, ONTARIO – CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:EKG) (“CardioComm Solutions” or the “Company”)a leading global medical provider of consumer heart monitoring and medical electrocardiogram (“ECG“) software solutions, today announced it has integrated its ECG viewer and Smart Monitoring ECG service with telemedicine provided by France based Visiomed Group SA (“Visiomed“).

Under the annual, renewable software license agreement (the “Agreement“), CardioComm developed a mobile telemedicine communication and connectivity solution leveraging the Company’s SMART Monitoring ECG reading service infrastructure to support Visiomed’s Smartphone connected and web-based, remote patient monitoring platform. Following development and successful deployment of the ECG connectivity solution at the end of 2016, the parties entered into the Agreement. The CardioComm solution is capable of accepting raw ECG data from any Bluetooth connected ECG device to generate an ECG trace rendered on a scaled grid, delivered with patient information specific to the individual the ECG was recorded from. The ECG file would then be returned to the Visiomed telemedicine platform, which provides a PDF ECG report for review by a registered physician user.

The requirements of the Agreement was to have access to an FDA-approved, fully-tested web service that can accept ECG data as input and return a collection of image files that depict a precise and full trace of the provided ECG data as output. The ECG development work and annual license are intended to be the first phase of a multiphase program between CardioComm and Visiomed’s telemedicine solutions. The Visiomed’s telemedicine platform with ECG management capabilities will be deployed in Europe and the USA.

CardioComm developed their newest version of their ECG viewer to accommodate increasing market demand for access to web-based ECG management systems. CardioComm has previously announced similar support deals involving use of CardioComm’s software as a medical device (“SaMD“) with other wireless ECG and vital signs monitoring groups such as CareSpan, HealthWatch and iMedical (now named Biotricty). CardioComm’s web-based ECG viewer can support a multi-tier architecture model, can run on-premises or in a cloud hosted environment and will operate on all modern browsers with full support for HTML irrespective of the underlying operating system.

CardioComm’s SaMD technologies have been designed to support most connected remote patient monitoring (“RPM“) platforms. Incorporation of the Company’s software can help to remove many of the technological, work flow and infrastructure challenges that exist in currently available RPM solutions used by mobile cardiac telemetry, arrhythmia and prolonged QT interval screening services globally. Incorporation of CardioComm’s ECG monitoring capabilities would serve to enhance traditional RPM solutions that do not typically include ECG monitoring which can expand service offerings to include in-hospital and in-clinic services, pre/post-hospital surgery discharge monitoring and to support long-term and managed care groups in monitoring the insured lives of people living with chronic medical conditions.

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