Quebec based distributor closes multiple hospital GEMS™ WIN license sales

TORONTO, ONTARIO – CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:EKG) (“CardioComm Solutions” or the “Company”),a global medical and consumer provider of electrocardiogram (“ECG”) acquisition and management software solutions, today announced it has engaged Quadromed Distribution Inc. (“Quadromed”), located in Montreal, Quebec as its French–Canadian medical technology distributor.

Quadromed will be responsible for development and management of sales and distribution channels for the sale of CardioComm Solutions’ ECG management software known as the Global ECG Management software for Windows (GEMS™ WIN) through hospitals, clinics and health care providers within Quebec, Canada. The agreement will also extend to Quadromed the ability to sell event loop recorders through CardioComm Solutions’ established distribution agreements with numerous device manufacturers. The announcement of this engagement coincides with the completion of multi-year GEMS™ WIN solution licensing agreements to the University of Montreal affiliated Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal Hospital (CHUM) in Montreal, Quebec, Cité de la Santé Hospital in Laval, Quebec and the University of Laval affiliated Hospital Saint-François D’assise in Quebec City, Quebec.

A representative from Quadromed confirms that the GEMS™ WIN software is being selected as the preferred solution against other possible ECG management systems due to:

  1. Ease of use of the software which has increased staff efficiencies;
  2. Simplified workflow and time savings through the use of the device-agnostic GEMS™ WIN Auto Attendant module for automated receipt of ECGs from analogue ECG devices;
  3. The long term strategic advantage of adding wireless (GSM) event recorders to current inventory as hospitals upgrade and new hospital construction replace current analogue data infrastructure with digital communication protocols; and,
  4. Hospitals may continue to use their current ECG device inventory and have an ability to add new devices thereby saving money today and over ensuing years.

The cardiology-based GEMS™ WIN software is used in the remote monitoring of patients for extended periods of time (up to 30 days) while they are outside of the hospital and engaged in their daily lives. A unique feature of GEMS™ WIN is the ability for patients to be monitored with wireless medical devices that can auto-trigger when an arrhythmia is detected and send the recorded ECGs to a hospital or call service in real time. Wireless ambulatory ECG and arrhythmia monitoring is well established in the USA where the majority of CardioComm Solutions’ clients are based. While Canadian healthcare organizations have yet to
implement wireless ECG monitoring, the tide is starting to turn as more Canadian healthcare organizations
are licensing GEMS™ WIN and now have wireless arrhythmia monitoring capabilities made available to

Quadromed has been preparing its hospital and cardiology practice based clients for the end of Server 2003
support by Microsoft and is now uniquely positioned to provide their clients with affordable and compatible
solutions to support their current and future rhythm monitoring requirements. The GEMS™ WIN software
will not only enable such healthcare organizations that use ambulatory ECG monitoring as part of their
diagnostic and patient management plan to replace their existing ECG management software solutions to
the GEMS™ WIN version that is WIN 7 and Server 2008 compatible, it will also allow them to continue to use
their existing ECG device inventory. CardioComm Solutions released its GEMS™ WIN software upgrade to
the arrhythmia monitoring market in response to the 2014 discontinuation of XP support by Microsoft and
the imminent discontinuation of Server 2003 this July 2015.

This is the second strategic partnership reported by CardioComm Solutions this past month and the
Company has stated that more will be announced as sales from these distributors are confirmed. To learn
more about CardioComm Solutions products and devices compatible with GEMS™ WIN please see the
Company’s website or contact the Company at