SMART Monitoring ECG screening to be incorporated into workplace Health and Wellness Programs

TORONTO, ONTARIO – CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:EKG) (“CardioComm Solutions” or the “Company”), a global medical provider of consumer heart monitoring and medical electrocardiogram (“ECG”) software solutions, today announced it has entered into a sales and ECG services agreement with Premier Health Check Ltd. (“Premier Health”) for the development of marketing channels for the HeartCheck™ ECG devices and SMART Monitoring ECG services into workplace health screening and medical and wellness verticals in Ireland.

The HeartCheck™ ECG devices and SMART Monitoring ECG reading service technologies were selected by Premier Health based on:

  • CardioComm Solutions’ 17 year track record of successfully providing ECG monitoring solutions into traditional medical installations such as hospitals, physician offices and medical calls centers; and,
  • the multijurisdictional clearances for use of the HeartCheck™ and SMART Monitoring technologies from medical regulatory organizations including the European Union (CE Mark), the USA (FDA) and Canada (Health Canada).

Under the Cardio Health Check model, businesses with at least 100 employees will engage Premier Health to perform three workplace-based Cardio Health Checks in a 12 month period which now include ECG screening for cardiac rhythm abnormalities such as atrial fibrillation, fast, slow or irregular heart rates and prolonged QT. The recorded ECGs will be uploaded to CardioComm Solutions’ SMART Monitoring ECG service for review and provide ECG interpreted reports back to Premier Health. ECG results will be incorporated into customers’ health screening reports. Screening results would not be released to the employer unless the employee requests to do so.

In addition to running Cardio Health Check screening program which are confirmed to start this May, Premier Health will market both the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN and ECG Monitor to employees through the workplace screening programs to physicians, pharmacists and to physiotherapists in sports clubs, gyms and insurance providers. Premier Health’s longer term plan is to roll out a franchising model involving 20 to 30 health care practitioners in Ireland that will be trained to follow the Cardio Health Check protocol.

Premier Health has been in the business of delivering health screening services in Ireland for 25 years. Renamed in 2012, Premier Health expanded their health screening services to include the use of new medical devices for the delivery of a wider range of screening tests.  Premier Health’s entry into this health screening delivery service has been greeted with increased success as businesses in Ireland have encourage workplace-based health services to avoid staff needing to take time off to go to see their doctor which results in lost days of productivity while the business must still pay that day’s wages for the days staff were off. More information about Premier Health can be found at

The renewable agreement will see Premier Health benefit from the resale of HeartCheck™ Devices as well as the purchase and resale of ECG reading services. Both companies will explore the option to develop an ECG reading service while introducing the service to additional business markets within Ireland. As with CardioComm Solutions’ other partners, Premier Health will have access to new HeartCheck™ ECG devices as they are brought to market.

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