Leveraging national health care call centre infrastructure, North American HeartCheck PEN Consumers will have around the clock access to rapid physician ECG interpretations.

TORONTO, ONTARIO – April 24, 2013. CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:EKG) (“CardioComm Solutions” or the “Company”), a global medical provider of electrocardiogram (“ECG”) acquisition and management software solutions, today formally announced expansion of the Company’s SMART Monitoring Service and infrastructure to meet consumer demand for faster ECG interpretation services.

CardioComm Solutions is the first provider of a complete, full cycle and market tested ECG monitoring service for the consumer market. “We have the most cost effective ECG screening solution available. With HeartCheck PEN devices in production, stable and expandable IT infrastructure to ensure high volume ECG transmissions, and now with medical call centre resourcing for ECG reporting response times within 30 minutes, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we stand alone,” said Simi Grosman, member of the Board of Director for CardioComm Solutions.

CardioComm Solution’s SMART Monitoring service operates similar to that of large, prescription only Independent Diagnostic Testing Facilities (“IDTF”) in the USA. “The SMART Monitoring solution ensures that consumers will receive reliable and medically credible results,” said Etienne Grima, Chief Executive Officer for CardioComm Solutions. “With the accuracy and stability of the service firmly managed, ensuring the timeliness of the SMART Monitoring responses to consumer demands was our next challenge. We have met the market expectation for rapid ECG interpretation through associating our current ECG reading capabilities under a strategic partnership with Humble, Texas based SPI Scanning LLC (“SPI”).”

“CardioComm Solutions is well known in the ECG and arrhythmia monitoring business world. Many of our key staff have been drawn from other IDTF facilities where CardioComm Solutions products have been implemented and are well respected. We are excited to have entered into this relationship in support of the HeartCheck PEN and SMART Monitoring service and view this to be an important and industry altering medical monitoring advancement. SPI has a mandate to keep ahead of the competition and look towards the adoption of faster and better technologies, especially when it will meet the needs of many people who are worried about capturing accurate cardiac rhythm changes when they occur. We have the capabilities, experience and scalability to ensure the stringent requirements for rapid and high quality ECG readings are met without exception. We look forward to supporting CardioComm Solutions as they challenge conventional home telemedicine technologies to adopt remote ECG acquisition and centralized ECG interpretation capabilities and to expand their global launch of the SMART Monitoring service and HeartCheck PEN sales,” said Tony Spires, Chief Executive Officer for SPI.

Consumers purchasing the HeartCheck PEN ECG will have access to CardioComm Solutions’ SMART Monitoring ECG service, the free GEMS Home software and a first free physician ECG interpretation. After the free interpretation, the HeartCheck PEN can be enabled to display the ECG waveform at no additional cost. The Company will promote the sale of the HeartCheck PEN and SMART Monitoring service to 40 year and older consumers interested in the preservation of their health, as well as those at risk for developing arrhythmia based cardiac disease due to underlying conditions especially due to hypertension and diabetes and those taking high risk medications.

“At a price point of $12.50, with a rapid turnaround time for physician ECG interpretation, regardless of country and time of origin and utilizing highly credentialed software technologies, CardioComm Solutions is positioned to be the one-stop solution and global leader in consumer home ECG/arrhythmia monitoring services,” added Grima.

About SPI Scanning LLC
SPI LLC is National Healthcare Testing Corporation established under US Federal guidelines as an IDTF and provides Holter and Event scanning services to hospitals and doctor’s offices across the world. Offering turnkey solutions, SPI will supply, install, and maintain the required hardware and software resources for their accounts through all start up and growth cycle periods. SPI also specializes in over flow scanning to assist busy centers with rapid ECG processing by certified professionals.