TORONTO, ONTARIO – a global medical provider of consumer heart monitoring and medical electrocardiogram (“ECG”) management software solutions, today announced that it has completed a custom software engineering contract with UK based Remote Diagnostic Technologies Limited (“RDT”) for development and licensing of a remote, cloud-based, 12 lead ECG management and ECG reading solution. RDT specializes in the design of highly integrated mobile, vital signs, tele-monitoring solutions used globally.

The engagement of CardioComm Solutions followed an international search for a credible solutions provider that could meet RDT’s exacting performance, scalability and stability requirements. In addition to their technical capabilities, a pivotal factor in selecting CardioComm Solutions was the Company’s capability to ensure completion of the project to meet RDT customer’s growing use needs. RDT counts a wide range of global customers in prehospital care markets covering military, ambulance, civilian, aviation, shipping and mining and exploration applications. Of significance is the project utilizes a customized adaptation of the Company’s newest ECG management and viewing technology platform named GEMS™ Flex which is scheduled for commercial release in 2018.

The new RDT platform with the integrated ECG management solution will:

  • support use of RDT’s existing portable Tempus Pro devices;
  • provide simultaneous exchange of patient data from multiple devices through the RDT Gateway Service;
  • involve the development and use of a custom ECG Engine to convert 12-Lead ECG files generated by the RDT vital signs monitors into compatible formats for report generation purposes;
  • share wirelessly transmitted patient data with, and provide administration functionality over, a proprietary RDT Application Server where encounter data is centrally managed and medical reviews performed; and,
  • deliver a novel 12 Lead ECG viewer to enable HTML5 compatible, browser-based viewing and interactive reviewing of 12 Lead ECGs displayed on computers and mobile devices.

CardioComm Solutions has a rich history of providing companies with innovative and scalable ECG connectivity technology solutions. Larger engineering engagements announced previously include customized telemedicine and mobile cardiac monitoring software development and multi-year agreements with associated recurrent licensing and royalty revenue streams.

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