TORONTO, ONTARIO – CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (“CardioComm” or the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE:EKG) a leading global provider of consumer heart monitoring and electrocardiogram (“ECG”) acquisition and management software solutions, confirms its HeartCheck™ device and GEMS™ software technologies have moved into routine clinical use following completion of a long-term, remote arrhythmia monitoring pilot in high risk patients.

Partners in Advanced Cardiac Evaluation (“PACE”) is a physician directed medical practice specializing in cardiology services and patient care within the Province of Ontario (Canada). PACE cardiologists have been prescribing use of the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN and ECG Handheld Monitor to their patients to provide up to one year of enhanced remote patient monitoring (“RPM”) for arrhythmias in addition to use of conventional but term-limited Holter and event monitoring.

Atrial Fibrillation (“AF”) is a life threatening arrhythmia that is difficult to detect and to treat. Cardiac ablation is a procedure commonly used to correct heart rhythm problems like AF; however, it is possible for AF to recur as early as two months after ablation in 30% to 50% of treated patients (Calkins et al 1547-5271/2017 HRS). Serious and life threatening post-ablation recurrent arrhythmias such as AF can be “silent”, and occur without any symptoms, discomfort or warning. Having access to patient’s ECGs on a daily basis allows physician to better monitor the re-occurrence of AF as objectively as possible. This speaks to the need for a reliable method for post-ablation arrhythmia monitoring that can provide a reliable patient-management solution without an added work burden to clinics. This monitoring also qualifies for health care reimbursement thus generating additional revenues for clinics and doctors.

Under the CardioComm RPM solution, PACE patients use a HeartCheck™ ECG monitor to record a scheduled ECG as well as to record an ECG any time they may be experiencing a heart related symptom. Patients transmit their recorded ECGs for a PACE cardiologist review using CardioComm’s GEMS™ Home software and cloud-based SMART Monitoring ECG service, which are integrated with the PACE’s Electronic Medical Record (“EMR”) software allowing direct transfer of ECGs to the PACE EMR. Patients are contacted for a follow-up visit should the submitted ECG recordings show anything of interest with respect to their heart health.

As part of the solution, CardioComm offers PACE patients ongoing support from use of the HeartCheck™ devices and the free GEMS™ Home software to transmission of ECGs to PACE. The GEMS™ software allows patients to add activity, symptom and general health notes to each ECG which assists reviewing physicians with the ECG diagnosis.

Yaariv Khaykin, Physician Lead at PACE and Chief Medical Information Officer at Southlake Regional Health Centre, stated, “we are very excited at the opportunity to introduce the use of this home-based ECG/arrhythmia monitoring technology to our PACE patients and to be able to extend our circle of medical care in helping to manage their health.”

Under PACE’s continued use of the HeartCheck™ RPM solution, CardioComm will benefit from hardware sales revenue and per-ECG upload fees. CardioComm will now move to bring the HeartCheck™ RPM solution to additional clinics in Canada and the USA with the completion of this two year pilot.

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