Demonstration of OTC and Prescription ECG monitoring devices with GEMS™ Home will expand awareness of easily accessible, medical grade and cost-effect ECG monitoring technologies for consumer and healthcare professionals

Las Vegas, NEVADA – CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (TSX VENTURE:EKG) (“CardioComm Solutions” or the “Company”), a global medical provider of consumer heart monitoring and medical electrocardiogram (“ECG”) software solutions, today announced its participation at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (“CES”), Las Vegas, where it will exhibit and demonstrate the use of the GEMS™ Home ECG management software and the SMART Monitoring ECG reading service with personal ECG monitoring devices. The Company will also demonstrate a Bluetooth HeartCheck™ ECG PEN, which is anticipated to be released to the USA market later in 2016.

CardioComm Solutions’ presence is sponsored by China-based Beijing Choice Electronic Co., Ltd (“BCET”). Today’s announcement is evidence of the level of cooperation that CardioComm Solutions will have with BCET, a company with whom CardioComm Solutions entered into a multiyear, global GEMS™ Home licensing agreement as announced on January 6, 2016. CardioComm Solutions will benefit from representation by BCET at tradeshows and conferences, cross-marketing initiatives, and most importantly, an expanded sales force that will promote CardioComm Solutions’ HeartCheck™ devices and backend software solutions internationally.

Of significance for the CES audience is that the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN, GEMS™ Home and the SMART Monitoring ECG service are not wellness products. They are medical products approved for sale in the USA and Canada directly to consumers, without the need for a physician prescription. This is a major differentiating factor compared to other health and wellness products currently being promoted at CES and sold into the North American health-conscious consumer markets. Further, the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN is the first and original over-the-counter (OTC) ECG device approved for the consumer market in the USA and Canada.

Consumers can find comfort and credibility behind their use of the HeartCheck™, GEMS™ Home and SMART Monitoring technologies as they have been developed by CardioComm Solutions through the leveraging of the Company’s medical device and software technology development, sales and service experience gained through 16 years of providing ECG management software and hardware solutions to North American hospitals and physicians, including multi-year software licensing relationships with GE Health Care and Philips Health Care. With the anticipated introduction of a Bluetooth-enabled version of the HeartCheck™ ECG PEN, the Company will be able to expand into and capitalize on the Apple and Android Smartphone/tablet markets where access to connected consumer OTC medical peripheral devices are lacking.

Access to credible personalized ECG monitoring technologies is important to people (and their caregivers) living with high-stress lifestyles, chronic medical conditions (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease) and those taking medications that have heart warning side effects. They are also important for those interested in properly monitoring/tracking their heart health before they require, or in order to avoid, medical interventions to manage heart health illness that developed unnoticed. CardioComm Solutions and BCET will be targeting the markets for post-cardiac patients and/or post-hospital patients requiring monitoring, since ECG recordings produced by the CardioComm Solutions software can be billed for under established CPT billing codes in the USA and equivalent billing codes in Canada. In 2016, CardioComm Solutions plans to introduce fee-based ECG screening services into USA-based pharmacies, something that has been piloted in Canada since mid-2015.

The GEMS™ Home program functions as a personal health record and allows for the printing of recorded ECG reports (not SMART Monitoring reviewed) at no cost. Should there be an interest, or need, for having a recorded ECG reviewed by a qualified healthcare professional, GEMS™ Home will connect with the Company’s cloud-based SMART Monitoring ECG reading service through a standard internet connection, assist the user in providing diary entries (symptoms and activity, for example) and then let them select an option for the ECG recording(s) to be read by a physician (ECG interpretations) or technician (ECG triages) on a fee-for-service basis. The reviewed ECG reports will be automatically returned to the GEMS™ Home program that submitted the ECG review request containing a confirmation of any findings, the recorded ECG waveform and any recommended action to take, if applicable. At the request of the user, a PDF version of the ECG report can be emailed to any user-identified recipient allowing for ECG reports to be shared in near-real time. Technician triages are completed in less than one hour while physician interpretations will be completed within four to 24 hours.

GEMS™ Home is available as a downloaded program from the CardioComm Solutions HeartCheck™ website at no cost. For more information on CardioComm Solutions products and the HeartCheck™, GEMS™ Home and SMART Monitoring technologies, please visit and

For those attending CES, visit us within the Sands Expo, Hall B, Booth # 73331.

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