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CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (“CardioComm Solutions”) is a publically traded company (EKG.v) with and office in Toronto, ON. CardioComm Solutions has a unique position in the medical diagnostic industry as an FDA cleared, ISO certified and Health Canada/CE approved company for the development, sale and marketing of medical software and devices. CardioComm Solutions owns its own source code unlike its competitors who typically acquired source code licenses.

CardioComm Solutions’ specialization is in the software engineering of computer based electrocardiogram (“ECG”) management and reporting software. This software permits physician interpretations of ECGs and supports private and public payer fee-for-service billings. ECGs are electrical recordings of the heart and performing an ECG is one of the most common diagnostic tests performed. Over the past three years CardioComm Solutions has successfully launched technologies that enable the use of new medical devices and communication portals utilizing internet and cellular based technologies for the recording, transmission and viewing of ECGs. As of January 2013, CardioComm Solutions’ ECG management solutions can now service both medical and consumer markets internationally.

As an example of their in-hospital presence, CardioComm Solutions OEMs their arrhythmia management software for General Electric Health Care (under the Mars brand) and provides infrastructure support with their ECG viewer (GUAVA) for the Lind Care owned Raytel Home Monitoring Service (purchased from Royal Philips in 2013). Standard software offerings are provided under an annual license, one time license purchase with annual service and support or under a fee for use model.

CardioComm Solutions offerings include PC and LAN based products known as GEMS™ (Global ECG Management System), internet based SAAS and ASP software is known as GC3/12 (Global Cardio 3 and 12 lead), a medical ECG service (call centre model) is operated under the C4 name (CardioComm Solutions Coordinating Centre) and a consumer based HeartCheck™ driven call centre under the Smart Monitoring name. CardioComm Solutions supports resting ECG records as well as arrhythmia monitoring ECG protocols using event loop recorders (ELR). Our ELR solutions support traditional transtelephonic transmissions as well as via wireless (cellular) communication.

CardioComm Solution’s base technology is GEMS™ which is comprised of two technologies. The first enables the capture and importation of ECG recordings, regardless of their file format, from FDA cleared devices such as the HeartCheck™ PEN, Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Devices (“MCT”), 12 lead machines and cardiac event loop recorders (“ELRs”). Within GEMS™ the ECG file, recording device identity/type and patient information is managed. This is where CardioComm Solutions’ second proprietary technology takes over, an ECG “viewer”. This ECG viewer, named GUAVA™, allows the ECG wave form to be visualized, reviewed, measured and saved, thereby enabling medical professionals to make diagnoses for cardiac arrhythmias. The GUAVA™ ECG viewer is a technology of specific interest to our larger clients as it can be integrated to their own proprietary workflow systems without GEMS™.

CardioComm Solutions’ market advantage is that they are device agnostic allowing the CardioComm Solutions software to be plug and play with several different FDA approved ECG recording devices. As the software engineers, any device can be integrated with GEMS™/GC/C4 that qualify through their compliance program.

Through GUAVA™ II, CardioComm Solutions will launch multiple bio-signs enabled versions of the GEMS™/GC/C4 software that will permit different health monitoring devices (blood pressure and weight for example) to connect to GEMS™. CardioComm Solutions will then be device and disease agnostic, thereby permitting CardioComm Solutions to enter into the multiple disease management market. CardioComm Solutions has leveraged its knowledge, IP and FDA experience to develop an FDA cleared consumer based Heart Rhythm and ECG recording device. The HeartCheck™ brand use will be expanded to other bio-sign monitoring devices compatible with CardioComm Solutions. The first brand offering is the HeartCheck™ PEN, an over the counter (“OTC”) approved heart rhythm device that includes an FDA cleared management solution (GEMS™ Home). Also, the device can be unlocked to permit viewing of the actual ECG waveform while a recording is being taken. The HeartCheck™ solution will be connected via a virtual call service (SMART Monitoring) connecting consumers or patients to health care professionals without need for consideration of geographic proximity.

CardioComm Solutions understands the importance to ensure infrastructure offers the capabilities for a global expansion and to protect the seamless workflow now in place. CardioComm Solutions will continue to evaluate and develop new bio-sign technology interfaces with plans to launch additional software, hardware and service solutions leveraging a 20 country foot print.

Using the HeartCheck™ devices with proprietary software technologies, CardioComm Solutions has the capability to support a large and globally distributed client base, where physical checks using HeartCheck™ branded devices can be managed and connections offered between consumer or patients and healthcare professionals and/or physicians.

CardioComm Solutions is interested in working with new technology partners who share a vision of a globally applied platform to enabling tele-medical technology. CardioComm Solutions can create devices and technology that “Provides patients and care givers with opportunities to consult and collaborate with specialists no matter the location, improving patient care and saving travel cost.” CardioComm Solutions is interested in collaborating for stronger market penetration throughout the world.

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