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Thank you for your interest in Servier Canada Inc.’s new handheld ECG monitor loan program entitled TEMPO.

This program offers clinics and patients the convenience of diagnostic-level ECG readings in the comfort of an office or clinic setting. The objective of TEMPO is to facilitate in-office ECG readings to help improve the treatment of heart failure patients across the country.

The TEMPO program consists of the loan of an ECG device (HeartCheck™), following contract signatures, and ending on 30 September 2020. As per the Innovative Medicines Code of Ethical Practices, the devices will be the property of Servier and will be on loan to clinics for the duration of the program. Upon completion of the program the devices will be returned.

To better assist you, Servier has partnered with CardioComm Solutions (CCS), an FDA cleared, ISO certified, and Health Canada/CE approved company that provides medical software and devices. CCS manufactures the HeartCheck™ device and is the point of contact throughout the program for all questions related to the HeartCheck™ device or the administration of the program.

For more information or to enroll in the program please:

Contact Us

Please consider that by enrolling, your organization commits to completing all administrative formalities requested by this program within the requested timeframe. Your adherence to the program will be effective the day you receive a copy of the contract, the device and a welcome package. Should you have any questions or comments please contact CCS at:

By mail:
CardioComm Solutions – TEMPO Project
259 Yorkland Road, Suite 200
North York, On M2J 0B5

By email: TEMPO@Cardiocomm.com
By fax: 416-981-3554

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Please see the links below for helpful information on the TEMPO Program as well as using the HeartCheck™ Handheld ECG Monitor and optional GEMS™ Home software

* Please note the video shows the current Windows version of GEMS™ Home in use with the HeartCheck™ Pen device. Usage of the HandHeld Monitor with the software is identical. Mac users please Contact Us for additional support if required.

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