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1000 pk ECG Electrodes

CardioComm Solutions, Inc now offers 'Telectrodes' by Bio Protech Inc. These high quality ECG Electrodes use an Ag/AgCI sensing element ideal for highly sensitive ECG monitoring. The innovative hydro-gel effectively reduces movement artifacts by enhancing the bond between the skin and sensing element.

Indications for use
ECG electrodes are used to record the following ECGs from a patient: resting ECG, exercise ECG and /or ambulatory (Holter) monitoring.
The intended patient population can be adult and pediatric, while the environment of use can be hospital (or clinic), ambulance, or daily use environment (for Holter monitoring).

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  • ECG electrodes should only be sue by or in consultation with a health care provider familiar with their proper placement and use;
  • ECG electrodes may damage the skin if removed carelessly;
  • ECG electrodes should be applied only to intact clean skin (e.g., not over open wounds, lesions, infector, or inflames areas); and
  • To properly dispose of the electrodes if they are pre-gelled electrodes and other electrodes that cannot be fully cleaned between uses.
  • This single-use product is not designed or validated to be reused. Reuse may cause a risk of cross-contamination, or cause a malfunction as a result of the product being physically damaged.


  • These devices has not been tested for use during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedures except carbon type.
  • Do not use an electrode if the gel is dry or dislodged from the electrode. Replace if electrode no longer sticks firmly to the skin.
  • Avoid removing and/or reapplying electrodes to the skin site frequently.
  • During surgical procedure, place ECG electrode as fare as possible from the electrosurgical site. Otherwise, burns could result at the ECG electrode site.
  • To prevent; dry out, fold over the top of ECG electrode pouch.

Adverse Reactions

There is a possibility skin irritation may occur at the contact point with the electrodes.

Instructions for use

  • Make sure your ECG devices is turned off.
  • Prepare the number of electrodes to adhere on the patient’s skin.
  • Prepare treatment site by cleaning skin and trimming hair if necessary.
  • Remove the plastic cover sheet.
  • Apply the ECG electrodes to clean, unbroken skin.
  • If skin irritation or malfunction occurs, discontinue treatment and seek medical professional advice.


  $110 USD / 1000 Electrodes  
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