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Locating Your Product Version Number

Each CardioComm product contains a specific version number. For product support purposes and to ensure that you have the latest released version(s) of our software, you may need to check the version number of your currently installed CardioComm software.

Latest Version
GEMS & Auto Attendant 3.13  •  GEMS Lite 3.13  •  GlobalCardio 1.35

If you are an existing customer and require a product upgrade, please contact our Support Department to schedule your upgrade.

  1. Open GEMS (or GEMS Lite)

  2. Select Help, then select About GEMS ( View Example )

  3. A 'Splash screen' will open and display the version number.

  4. Double click anywhere on the Splash screen to close it.

NOTE: If you have Auto Attendant installed it will be the same version as your GEMS product

  1. Log into GlobalCardio using an Administrator account

  2. Navigate to the Administration page

  3. Select Diagnostics

  4. Select the Version link ( View Example )

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