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GEMS HL7 & EMR Interface


Allowing GEMS™ users to leverage their current EMRs that are HL7 compatible

Eliminate the need to enter duplicate patient information with the GEMS HL7 and EMR Interface. This easy-to-install upgrade is the solution to streamlining the ever-increasing volume of patient data.

Patient and physician information can now be added and automatically updated from any HL7 compliant patient management system or Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system.

Key Features:

  The GEMS™ HL7 Interface Module allows patient and follow-up information to be sent in an HL7 message format, to other EMR systems that are HL7 compliant.
  PDF reports can be saved to a custom location to be attached to existing EMR systems.
  Information sent from GEMS™ can be used in all types of applications including billing and scheduling.

Administrative Management & Staff Benefits
  Process improvement – eliminates double entry and potential errors.
  Compliments the goal of a paperless system.
  Increased data access and availability.
  Faster turn-around time.
  Automatic report routing.
  More time on patient care and less on data entry.
  Custom message formats are available.

U.S. & Canada (Toll Free)
1 (877) 977-9425

custom message formatting
automatic report routing
increased data access and availability
less time spent on data entry
completes the goal of a
paperless system

Customer Support
24/7/365 phone support
24 hour emergency support pager with 15 min response time
Remote support to your PC via Internet
(WebEx™ software)

Software Services
On-site or remote installation and training
Database conversions to GEMS
Custom reports
and more...


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