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GEMS Global ECG Management System
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GEMS™ Lite For Windows
Electronic ECG Receiving System

The simplest, easiest software solution for Event receiving and TTM Pacing Follow-up

GEMS™ Lite Global ECG Management System) is a cost effective alternative to using expensive and outdated hardware receiving systems and can be installed on most existing desktop computers (refer to minimum PC requirements).

The focus of GEMS™ Lite is to manage your information from a patient centered point of view. The software captures transmitted ECG data and stores it in a simple to use database along with the associated patient information. This is the easiest way to receive and electronically store ECG's and patient information on the market today.

GEMS™ Lite is a single user, stand-alone MS Access based application that allows for future expansion into the higher-end GEMSTM suite of Arrhythmia and Pacemaker/ICD management products.

GEMS™ Lite is a very affordable alternative to expensive and outdated hardware receiving systems, yet it allows you to easily expand into our higher-end GEMSTM suite of products including enhanced Event Monitoring and Pacemaker / ICD Follow-up.

™Lite is designed to speed up and simplify basic information gathering and reporting for Arrhythmia monitoring and TTM Pacing patients. All patient and physician information is stored locally and is displayed in a format that is both easy to view and use, even for novice computer users.

GEMS™ Lite Reports GEMS™ Lite ECG Recording

  Strip Report with attached Full Disclosure Single and multi-lead ECG acquisition and display
  TTM Pacing Report Automatic decoding of device IDs and event markers
  12 Lead ECG Report Compatible with most event recorders
  GEMS™ Lite gives you three basic reporting options and each report can be saved, stored and viewed in either Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or Word (RTF) format.

ECG's are classified into two types, Arrhythmia / Arrhythmia 12-Lead and TTM Pacing. GEMS™ Lite has the ability to automatically split out ECGs into individual events (device dependent) and allow editing of each individual event.

GEMS™ Lite ECG Editing Scheduler Lite
  On-screen caliper & beat caliper measurements Easy to navigate 'day-timer' appointment scheduler
  Speed, gain and frequency filters Auto-scheduling of appointments
  Variable sample labels and lengths Custom appointment time lengths
  In each ECG stored in the database, you can add caliper measurements, Beat Complex calipers, mark samples and add text comments. Tracking and rescheduling of cancelled or missed appointments
      Scheduler Lite™ is a tool for managing schedules for Arrhythmia and TTM follow-ups. Scheduler Lite is equivalent to a traditional appointment ledger. You get the familiar look and feel of an appointment book with the convenient features of a centralized database for managing all your patient appointments.
Customer Support Recommended PC Requirements
  Unmatched 24/7/365 customer service and support Intel® Celeron® Dual-Core
  Desktop support via Internet (WebEx™ software) Software Services Windows 10
  Remote installation and training 1 GB RAM
Software Services 20 GB Hard Drive space
  Remote Installation and training Sound Card
  Upgrade from GEMS™ Lite to GEMS™ WIN CD Rom Drive
  Custom reports (GEMS™ WIN only) Internet Explorer 6 + Internet connection (Remote Desktop Support only)
Technical Specs Printer
  Available Database type = Microsoft Access only

U.S. & Canada (Toll Free)
1 (877) 977-9425
GEMS Lite is now Windows 10 compatible.
Efficient and Easy to Use
Cost Effective ECG Receiving Solution
Improved Quality of Care
New Scheduling Ability
Upgradeable to GEMS™ WIN Software

Customer Support
24/7/365 phone support
24 hour emergency support pager with 15 min response time
Remote support to your PC via Internet
(WebEx™ software)

Software Services
On-site or remote installation and training
Upgrade from GEMS™ Lite to GEMS™
Custom reports (GEMS™ only)
and more...

Technical Requirements
Recommended PC requirements

Pentium IV or higher
Windows 10
• GEMS Lite is now Windows 10 compatible.
256 MB RAM
100 MB free Hard Drive space
8 MB Video card
64 Bit sound card (non-integrated)
CD Rom Drive
nternet Explorer 6.0 SP2 + Internet connection
Printer w/ 4 MB RAM


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