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GlobalCardio™ 12 Lead (GC 12)
A portable, web enabled ECG device that is EMR compatible.

Why web enabled ECGs are the future!

With a web enabled ECG physicians can view ECGs from any computer
(at home, while mobile, any location with web connection).

  All ECG acquisition devices should be web enabled to allow the physician maximum flexibility to access patient data in seconds from any location.  
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  FDA-cleared editable automated interpretation algorithm
  No special computer connections (VPN) are needed.
  Physicians who want to be quickly connected to a specialist group will want a web enabled ECG.
  Review current and prior ECGs using raw or filtered data.
  Detailed activity logs and auto billing.
  Effortlessly print full page reports on plain paper.
  24 hour support.

EMR Enabled & More!

  Because the ECG is stored digitally you can view not only ten seconds of information but the entire ECG.
  Customizable filters, frequency, speed and calipers.
  Use as a monitoring unit for patients who are having pain or palpitations in the office or after a stress test.
  Secure file storage and backup systems.
  Fully HIPAA Compliant.

U.S. & Canada (Toll Free)
1 (877) 977-9425

Small and portable:

Weighs only 10 oz (0.28 KG).

Web Enabled:
Physicians can view the ECG over the web without special connections (VPN). The entire ECG record is stored for easy retrieval and viewing.

Compatible with all EMR systems.

Ease of Use:
Microsoft Windows based, this system is easy to use and familiar in its visual structure.

Connect to your laptop and you have an interpretative ECG that is web enabled.

Connect to your laptop and you have an interpretative ECG that is web enabled.

As quick as a click, access data to improve the service every patient deserves. Ideal for specialist over-reads without using faxes and other low quality delivery systems.


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