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Technology & Solutions

CardioComm's patented technology is used in its products for recording, viewing, analyzing and storing of ECG's. This technology is part of all CardioComm products, and has also been licensed for use by other companies' alternative applications. CardioComm has succeeded in developing a universal communication model for acquiring ECG device data. CardioComm also achieved its technical goals of improved access and communication through the development of a real-time ECG viewer. CardioComm is the first company to provide a real-time means of viewing ECG's over a network (LAN, WAN or Internet). This tool enables ECG's to be viewed and controlled live, by physicians, over a virtual healthcare network.

Quality System (CardioComm Quality Policy)
CardioComm Solutions, Inc. is committed to the following principles in order to provide quality products and services:

  • Customer satisfaction from the initial sales contact, to installation planning and through to the commitment to provide prompt and effective customer support for the life and use of our products.
  • Quality planning and design to create safe and effective products and services that meet customer needs. Commitment to continuously use, evaluate, and improve our Quality System to enhance our business, products and delivery of service.
  • Maintaining certifications for ISO 13485 and HIPAA compliance.

CardioComm offers two main product lines, GEMS, for event monitoring and pacemaker follow-up, and GlobalCardio, which adds full 12-lead ECG management capability.

GEMS was designed with flexibility in mind. GEMS has been called 'elegant' for a good reason. It is a sophisticated, high-end solution that can be built to order for any cardiology application. CardioComm strives to build databases to interface with any ECG device. Our independence from device manufactures allows for greater flexibility in creating solutions that interface with potentially all devices.

GlobalCardio, launched in April 2002, is a revolutionary web-based ECG management system. Building on its existing competencies, CardioComm built this application to provide secure universal access to ECG and patient data on a pay-as-you-go basis. GlobalCardio is a complete software solution for 12 lead ECG management, event monitoring, and pacemaker follow-up. GlobalCardio is a secure system, with complete audit capability to address HIPAA requirements, accessible by an authorized user, from any PC.

Find out more about these and other solutions in our Products section.

Service & Support
Today, service and support are almost as vital to software buyers as the product itself. CardioComm has made Solutions a part of our name for that reason. Our support policy provides for 24-hours a day, 7 days a week technical support with a maximum response time of 15 minutes. For our support contact information, click here.

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