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Corporate Profile

CardioComm Solutions, Inc. ("CardioComm") is a technically innovative software company that specializes in highly profitable information management systems for cardiac medicine.

CardioComm's patented systems enable medical professionals to access and manage patient information from a variety of devices regardless of time or location.

The Company's FDA approved software enables electrocardiography (ECG) data to be transmitted, received and managed anywhere in the world using standard computers, wireless devices, enterprise networks, telephones, or the Internet.

This is a break through in the field of cardiac software. In North America alone, there are over 2 million ECG tests completed everyday. Therefore, this is truly a large marketplace considering 1 in 4 Americans is over 50 years of age. Given the aging demographics and the need for cardiovascular testing, 12 lead ECG will continue to be one of the most frequently performed tests in the physicians office or the hospital.

CardioComm has 2 primary product divisions. GlobalCardio™ (Internet-12 Lead Management) and GEMS™(PC-Arrhythmia Management)

CardioComm has established synergistic partnerships with many Tier 1 health services leaders such as GE Healthcare, Guidant Corporation and has US / worldwide distribution agreements with over 15 others.The Company garners an impressive list of installations which number in excess of 700 worldwide and include Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic.

In April, the Company officially launched GlobalCardio™ at the American College of Cardiology Annual Congress held in Chicago. Management forecasts that during the balance of 2008 the Company will see a significant increase in revenue as both divisional products are now in full commercial stage.

Key Considerations
CardioComm Solutions, Inc. has invested over $15 million in research and development since 1993 and has been involved exclusively in the development of cardiology software systems and hardware devices. The Company holds important patent and proprietary rights related to the cardiology sector.

The release of GlobalCardio™ represents an important offering to cardiology professionals that allows for easy, subscription based Internet access to a sophisticated patient information management system. This allows for greater productivity and increased earning capability for cardiologists, a compelling value proposition for them.

Medical professionals use the Company's products individually and in small clinics, within large institutions, and via monitoring service companies.

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