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Mission & History

Mission Statement
CardioComm Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to providing unique and superior diagnostic and management tools to the field of Cardiology. We are devoted to the containment of cardiovascular disease through improved information, management and analysis.

Located in Victoria, British Columbia Canada, CardioComm Solutions, Inc. is a medical software company with nearly a decade of experience in building ECG management systems used for event monitoring and pacemaker follow-up. Part of that period was spent designing databases for industry partners.

In 1999, CardioComm created its own product line, called GEMS, the Global ECG Management System, for pacemaker/ICD and arrhythmia follow-up. After establishing an International customer base, CardioComm began direct sales and marketing in the United States in 2000.

In 2001, CardioComm launched a project to develop an Internet-based ECG management solution, GlobalCardio, for which it received FDA clearance in January 2002. In 2002, CardioComm developed a basic system for the lower volume clients, and those new to computing, called GEMS Lite. This product is simple to use and modestly priced. 2002 was a record year for new customer sales.

CardioComm continued it's sales growth in 2003, partly due to the significant efforts of its distributors and partners (Instromedix, Philips Medical Systems and Baylis Medical Company).

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