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Executive Management

Anatoly Langer - MD, M.Sc, FRCPC, FACC
Acting CEO / Chairman of the Board

Dr. Anatoly Langer MD, M.Sc, FRCPC, FACC graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1982 and completed his Internal Medicine and Cardiology training at the University of Toronto in 1987. He is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology and Canadian Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. After two years as a Heart and Stroke Foundation Research Fellow he became a director of the Coronary Care Unit at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto , Canada.

In 1996, Dr. Langer founded the Canadian Heart Research Centre with the goal of improving the care of cardiovascular patients through clinical trials research and education. Dr. Langer has over 200 peer reviewed publications, abstracts and book chapters. His areas of interest and research include pathophysiology and the management of acute and stable coronary syndromes as well as the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Currently Dr. Langer is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto and a staff cardiologist at St Michael's Hospital. He is Chair of the Canadian Heart Research Centre in Toronto . Dr. Langer has extensive research experience in the conduct of clinical trials with over 15 years of experience in protocol design, study coordination and data management.

Etienne Grima - MSc, CHE
Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer Operations

Mr. Grima brings almost 20 years of wide ranging experience to the Board such as basic and clinical research administration, business development and a dedication to corporate governance. Mr. Grima is a co-founder of the Canadian Heart Research Centre ("CHRC") where he acts as COO and CFO. Prior to co-founding the CHRC, Mr. Grima managed the St. Michael's Hospital Health Sciences Research Centre which is comprised of 120 research members and over 100 research staff. During his tenure, he developed a detailed understanding and methodology of the successful performance of clinical research within a hospital environment and became a member and Accredited Health Science Executive of the Canadian College of Health Service Executives.

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