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Schedule an Online Demo

CardioComm offers you the ability to attend an interactive, on-line demonstration of our products. Using WebEx™, we can initiate a connection directly and securely to your PC over the Internet. This allows our demonstrators to interact with you right on your screen!

How to schedule an on-line product demonstration:

  1. Contact our sales department at: sales@cardiocomm.com and specify which product you would like demonstrated.
  2. One of our sales representatives will contact you to set up a demonstration date and time.

On-line demonstration requirements:

  1. A computer with an Internet connection (Cable/DSL required!).
  2. MS Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.
  3. Administrative user rights on your PC in order to download and install WebEx ยช client software.

Product Demonstration Times (aprox.):
GEMS Lite - 15-30 min
GEMS Arrhythmia - 20-30 min
GlobalCardio - 45min - 1 hour

EKG Management, Web Based ECG
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