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Mona Palfreyman
Director, Quality Systems and Customer Support

Ms. Mona Palfreyman has over eleven years of experience in the ECG based medical technology industry with extensive experience in client support, technical training, product installations and corporate operations. management and corporate visioning. Mona started her career at CardioComm Solutions as part of the quality assurance and customer support team playing a key role in advancing the reputation of CardioComm Solutions, Inc. for providing superior customer support. The knowledge gained by working on site and off site with many of CardioComm Solutions' customers has provided Mona with a solid foundation to lead the CardioComm Solutions team to provide the products and services that customers will need in order to meet the demands of their own customers and patients.

Mona's desire to produce top quality products, support and vision for the Company and our customers has led her to rejoin CardioComm Solutions in the role of Director of Customer Support and Quality Assurance. Her management style is that of a leader who is determined and success oriented with a full appreciation of the uniqueness of each of her team members. She strives to create an environment where her colleagues excel in their individual roles and to provide the best possible product and service for all of CardioComm Solutions' valued customers.