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Letter from the CEO:
"CardioComm attends the World Congress of Cardiology Scientific Sessions in Dubai"

To our shareholders,

As we announced, last week I traveled to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to attend the World Congress of Cardiology Scientific Sessions organized by the World Heart Federation. The primary objective for the trip was to meet with prospective distributors who had already executed non-disclosure agreements with CardioComm Solutions with the intent to enter into one of several USA based business enterprises.  These can be classified as either starting new or adding new capabilities to existing medical call centers or development of a country distribution network for HeartCheck™ PEN consumer sales.  We also planned to meet with the the Trade Commissioner of the Consulate General of Canada in the UAE to review integration of our ECG management solutions in the hospitals and clinics under the local health authorities and/or those that are privately managed.

The rapidly growing market for ECG equipment and ECG services in the Middle East is  a high priority for CardioComm Solutions.  The region is especially eager to be the first to use the latest advances in medical monitoring to take care of its large expatriate population and of course, its local citizens. To sell medical devices in the region, suppliers are required to have local distributors that can also provide regulatory representation. A big selling feature to gain regional approval for our products is to posses FDA clearances while also providing the latest medical technology available, which we have.

Briefly, our entry strategy is to use a bottom-up and a top-down marketing approach.  The bottom-up approach is to sell the HeartCheck™ PEN into the general population (consumers).  SMART™ Monitoring will be introduced to them through our device packaging and marketing efforts. With the awareness that the PEN can be used to send heart recordings to a medical service, consumers will take the information to their doctors and thereby raise product awareness within clinics and hospitals.  Where cardiac arrhythmias are identified, the use of the mobile cardiac telemetry technology will be promoted.  Here lies a new business opportunity in the establishment of a Canadian sponsored call centre in the UAE powered by the GEMS™ software. 

The top-down approach be to introduce local Health Authorities and key opinion leaders to the benefits of atrial fibrillation screening programs and use of the newest mobile cardiac telemetry technologies.  Our software and hardware configurations could equip ambulances and fire vehicles with portable 12-lead ECG devices that can send ECG recordings in near real-time to hospitals for review and analysis.  The materiality of this rests with GEMS™ being an approved Class II medical device for use in diagnosis rather than just triaging.  Those found to need emergency care related to a heart attack, arrhythmia or non-cardiac event could be directed to the closest local hospital able to treat the patient. Once a diagnosis is completed, short or long term monitoring will be required in a sub-set of the treated patients.  We would promote the HeartCheck™ ECG monitor as the device to use, as it too is a medical Class II device approved for diagnostic use with our software. Finally, post-crisis, we will promote the HeartCheck™ PEN as a supportive device to ensure long-term that the person is not experiencing new or recurrent cardiac arrhythmias.  This group of “past-patients” would be a well informed consumer market who would add to the dissemination of the HeartCheck™ PEN message.  Both the HeartCheck™ PEN and HeartCheck™ ECG monitor devices may be used standalone or in conjunction with our SMART™ Monitoring solution with GEMS™ Home. 

During my meetings, I had a chance to demonstrate each of these applications.  As a result, we have made several key contacts and negotiations are underway with prospective partners.

An important aspect of the Dubai conference was a meeting with the Trade Commissioner of the Consulate General of Canada to discuss mechanisms to develop business opportunities in the Middle East with large multinational companies, Middle Eastern medical distribution groups and regional health authorities.  An invitation for a return visit in May has been extended to meet with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA) along with regional healthcare systems integrators.

All in all, the visit provided an excellent in-person exposure for the Company in a very lucrative market.

With best regards,

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