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Letter from the CEO, July 31, 2012:

Dear Shareholders,

We are pleased to provide a preview of the new HeartCheck PEN product brochure that is now available on our website:


This printed material will serve as a first point of introduction to the market of the availability of the HeartCheck™ PEN device, its uses, and to inform consumers how it may be connected to our Smart Monitoring service.  As we have mentioned in our press releases, The PENs will be able to transfer your heart rhythm recordings to your PC using our freely available GEMS™ Home software and then upload them to our Smart Monitoring Service for subsequent review and interpretation of the associated ECGs by our physicians and/or medical call centre technologists.

We hope you enjoy looking through this brochure, which will be distributed during several marketing initiatives beginning in the fall of 2012.  If you have comments or feedback, please let us know.  Pricing has been deliberately left off the brochure.

Our HeartCheck™ PEN distribution agreements continue to be reviewed by interested parties from across the world and we intend to provide this brochure to both facilitate their local regulatory approvals and to help in development of their market plan for the sale of the HeartCheck™ PEN this year.  Regarding the distributions agreements themselves, we have 2 executed (one was announced, the other requires regulatory clearance before we can announce) and another 10 are under review.  Projected sales would be expected to reach greater than 500,000 PEN units per year within 2 years at a minimum.  As contracts are executed and these figures are confirmed, we will inform the market. 

As previously mentioned, we will now be focusing on a selection of individuals who pre-registered for the HeartCheck™ PEN to enter into a three-month product testing phase.  Once individuals have passed through an initial screening, we will provide them with a confidentiality agreement to sign.  This document is intended to protect both the participant and CardioComm Solutions over the duration of the evaluation phase.  More specifically, any of the information collected from the participants will be protected according to the standards imposed under HIPAA regulations as well as any of our ISO Quality Management System and FDA clearance requirements.  Further, the details of our Smart Monitoring solution will remain protected to better ensure our go-to-market strategy success when implemented in the fall.

While working on product marketing materials and establishing new distribution channels for the HeartCheck™ PEN, we have been extremely impressed with the amount of interest globally for the prescription use HeartCheck™ Handheld ECG monitor (we did a press release on this in October 2011) for use in public arrhythmia screening initiatives.  Indeed, a recent announcement had indicated that we will be working under contract with the Heart and Stroke Foundation for a Canadian National Atrial Fibrillation (AF) screening initiative.  The first part of that initiative will start this August during the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto.  We invite you to drop by our booth (under the Heart and Stroke banner) and see the HeartCheck™ ECG monitor in use. 

That’s it for this update. I’d like to thank you for the continued support you have shown the company and we look forward to providing you with further updates shortly.

Yours very truly,

Etienne Grima

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Board of Directors

Etienne Grima
Chief Executive Officer

Robert E. Caines
Chairman of the Board

Simi Grosman - MBA
Consultant & Board Member

John Foote
Board Member

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Etienne Grima
Chief Executive Officer

John Overall
Chief Financial Officer

Branislav Vasilijevic
Director, Software Engineering

Advisory Board

Dr. Robin C. Black

Ph.D, P.Eng., CCE, BA.Sc, FCMBES, FEC, FGC.(Hon.), FCSSE
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