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Product Tutorials

CardioComm Solutions, Inc. is very pleased to offer a selection of automated product tutorials. Each tutorial will visually illustrate step by step instructions that detail some of our product features and uses. Each tutorial plays just like a movie right on your computer screen! Just click play, sit back and watch.

Why Automated Product Tutorials?
CardioComm is always striving for ways to further assist and improve our support to both our existing and future customers. We feel the addition of these product tutorials will help provide our users with a unique and easy to use tool that will better aid in the understanding, training and use of our ECG Management software.

Advantages to using CardioComm Automated Product Tutorials:

  • Users can watch as various product features and instructions are demonstrated right on their PC screen.
  • Users can work alongside a playing tutorial for additional ease of product understanding.
  • Tutorials can be paused, fast-forwarded and rewound with easy to use "DVD like controls".
  • Tutorials can be saved, shared and viewed over and over again.
  • Tutorials can be used as a quick product refresher or to help train new users and staff.

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