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Global ECG Management System (GEMS)™ the PC Arrhythmia Solution
Global ECG Management System is one of CardioComm's flagship software packages that provides an integrated management system for recording information about all diagnostic, medical, procedural and surgical activities that occur in the delivery of cardiac services.

GEMS™ is an installable cardiac patient information management system. GEMS™ delivers a complete, flexible, and convenient platform for recording information about the diagnostic, medical, and procedural activities associated with the delivery of cardiac services. GEMS™ also provides the user with a proprietary real-time ECG viewer that enables cardiology professionals to manage all ECG-related activity with ease.

GEMS™ offers even more value through its AutoAttendant™, a computer-based telephone answering system for arrhythmia management. AutoAttendant™ automates the reception of patient event recorder transmissions, allowing patient calls to be processed into the GEMS™ database even when an operator is unavailable. This is an industry break through. GEMS™ supports cardiac arrhythmia and pacemaker follow-up with maximum ease and flexibility.

The Cardiac Community is buying GEMS™ because:

  • Open architecture allows communication with devices from any ECG device manufacturer (new and existing)
  • Extensive and detailed standard and custom reports
  • Reports can be posted to secure web sites
  • Real-time ECG viewer can be distributed or licensed as a software development kit (SDK)
  • Fully scalable (small clinic to large hospital solutions)
  • AutoAttendant™ module, for computer automated answering of event recorder transmissions, a key feature for improving efficiency and reducing staffing requirements with auto answer capabilities

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