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October 7, 2013

CardioComm Solutions Starts OTC HeartCheck PEN Pharmacy Sales, Supported by Launch of New HeartCheck™ “Take Control” Television Commercial Campaign

Select Total Health Pharmacies in Ontario to carry the HeartCheck™ PEN in association with the “Take Control” commercial airing on the CBC television network

TORONTO, ONTARIO – CardioComm Solutions, Inc. (“CardioComm Solutions” or the “Company”) (TSX VENTURE: EKG) today announced that it has launched a television commercial campaign to promote awareness of the HeartCheck™ PEN and signaling its availability for sale in select pharmacies. The commercials will air on the CBC television network commencing October 7, 2013 and will focus on the Southern Ontario viewing audience.

CardioComm Solutions will air the commercials for a four week period as part of a “Take Control” campaign targeting the 40+ year old market. The campaign marks the Company’s first television efforts aimed at encouraging consumers to monitor their heart health using electrocardiogram (“ECG”) recordings for arrhythmia detection. The HeartCheck™ PEN device was cleared for sale by Heath Canada in September 2012 as the first, over the counter, consumer medical device capable displaying an ECG. The Company has been active in validating the use of its HeartCheck™ devices and the SMART Monitoring ECG service technology in atrial fibrillation (“AF”) screening programs as well as clinical research projects, as described in prior Company press releases.

“During the past twelve months we have worked to broaden consumer and physician awareness of the HeartCheck™ PEN and SMART Monitoring technologies by focusing on the 40 plus age group with diabetes, hypertension and risk factors for stroke and sudden cardiac death,” said Etienne Grima, CEO of CardioComm Solutions. “Our ‘Take Control’ TV commercial series is targeting  any person  interested in preserving and better understanding their heart health or the health of those they care for. It answers a call to action for those who have been waiting and advocating for a valid medical technology to self-monitor when worried about their heart health following a return to an active lifestyle, while participating in competitive sports, following recovery from a cardiac event or while monitoring their cardiac rhythm when they experience symptoms that may be of concern.”

“The interest from pharmacy chains is growing and we are working with them to make this new medical home monitoring solution available through stores in Canada and the USA. Total Health Pharmacies is the first chain that will make the HeartCheck™ PEN available directly to the consumer. The consumer experience will be much better served by providing an opportunity to see the devices in person before a purchase is made,” added Etienne Grima.

“The HeartCheck™ technology challenges the status quo belief that cardiac monitoring is only possible under a physician’s direct care. With interest from pharmacy banner groups to carry the devices, the time to test direct to consumer advertising is now, and we anticipate that after the commercial starts to air we will have product available for sale in additional pharmacy chains,” said Simi Grosman, member of the Board of Directors for the Company.

The CBC broadcast schedule of the HeartCheck™ PEN “Take Control” commercial will generate over one million viewing impressions, targeting the 40+ year old market segment. The commercial will be shown during select airings of the Fifth Estate, The Border and Coronation Street, among other CBC shows.

About CardioComm Solutions
CardioComm Solutions’ patented and proprietary technology is used in products for recording, viewing, analyzing and storing electrocardiograms (ECGs) for diagnosis and management of cardiac patients.  Products are sold worldwide through a combination of an external distribution network and a North American-based sales team.  The Company has earned the ISO 13485 certification, is HPB approved, HIPAA compliant, and has received FDA market clearance for its software devices.  CardioComm Solutions is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with offices in Victoria, B.C.  

Etienne Grima, Chief Executive Officer
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