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Auto Attendant™


AutoAttendant™ allows healthcare providers to focus on providing patient care. It removes the need for a technician to wait for transmissions to be sent. Instead they can work with the recordings, the patients and the physicians to determine the best healthcare needed. This automated system prompts your patients through a step by step process of downloading their ECG and submitting their symptoms. Using a unique Patient ID, ECGs and symptoms are automatically downloaded and associated to the correct existing patient record in your GEMS or GlobalCardio product. An email, page or text message notification is sent to the designated technician or physician to indicate a patient has transmitted an ECG. The GEMS or GlobalCardio user can then log in and view, edit and report on the ECG, seconds after it has been received.

U.S. & Canada (Toll Free)
1 (877) 977-9425

Automatic notification of received ECGs
Scalable depending on your call volume and available telephone lines

VOIP compatible

Customizable patient instruction menu
Adjustable ring times before automatic answering


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